Ari Merten

No Geography - The Chemical Brothers

Released: 12th April 2019

Album: No Geography

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Trance

Favourite lyric: 'If you ever change your mind, about leaving it all behind, remember: no geography.'

No Geography - Album Cover

I have (instilled by my father), a deep love for The Chemical Brothers.

This song is something I can just listen to on repeat, ad nauseum, forever.

It's ethereal synthesisers as well as a driving drum and bass really seem to solidify this song as a classic. It's not one of the most upbeat or danciest songs, but damn it is good.

I used to imagine dancing to this song late at night, sweaty club, lovely people around me. Then, early 2024 I finally got it. I finally saw the Chemical Brothers, late last year.

It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, period. The musicianship, lights, sound and everything was spectacular and hearing this song among so many others that I grew up on, was mind-meltingly brilliant.

The whole album is a spectacle for the ears and well worth the listen in a whole sitting. According to an interview, the album has themes of escapism and space. 'No Geography' specifically is a from a poem about 'a love that can survive geographical seperation.'

As someone who has had long-distance relationships I truly can say that love can transcend geography and everytime this song plays, that's what I am reminded of.

All in all, electronic dance music can be such an amazing tool for love and connection, and this song is a multi-tool in that regard.

Written: 19/5/24

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