Ari Merten

What I am doing now

Last updated: 20/05/2024


I'm just about to start my 2nd term of my 3rd year, this term I am doing lots of quantum physics: I am taking PHYS3111 (Quantum Mechanics) and PHYS3118 (Quantum Physics of Solids and Devices). I am super excited to start both these courses as the lecturers are awesome and the content will be invaluable to my degree, future career and personal knowledge. Other than courses I am continuing to work on the Atomcraft Project where we are moving into a simulation phase as we look to model different parts of our tokomak!


Besides working too much (I really need to learn to cut down), my work is fairly routine and similar. I work as a lab demonstrator for PHYS1121/1131 and a PASS leader for a maths bridging course for new and mature age UNSW students! I still occasionally tutor privately and you can contact me via LinkedIn if you are interested! I also work at schools teaching a range of life skills.

Finally, I am trying to continue my work alongside Professor Jarryd Pla at UNSW, my summer internship was outstanding and really important in my development as an engineer. I will hopefully be looking at superconducting amplifiers and there uses within quantum computing.


I'm reading more, listening more and just in general trying to slow down. Life seems to move far too quickly for my liking and I'm trying to build my attention span back up.

I'm planning a Vietnam trip for later this year and we are in the stages of determining an itinerary of all the awesome places we plan to go. Travel is such an amazing privilege and I want to use it to immerse myself and learn about a completely foreign, new and wonderful culture!

Good food helps too!